Monday, March 5, 2012

Sandwich Cake- Groom's Cake

Settle in, this one is long. You know why?
Because this is a cake that turned out exactly like I intended it to.
I would like to say this is true of all of my cakes, but it isn't, so I am particularly proud of this one.

The Groom was struggling with a "theme" for his cake. So I suggested that many people do versions of their favorite things, perhaps a favorite food came to mind?

The Groom quickly responded that he loved club sandwiches, and had thought of it for his cake, but dismissed the thought because he didn't want to ask me to make something so hard.

*Check out the crust detail here!*

Obviously I responded to the Groom that I was up for the challenge, and proceeded to ask him details about what exactly he liked on his sandwiches- cheese, lettuce, tomato, turkey, bacon, wheat bread, and a pickle.

To keep from explaining the cake all night, I added a "married club" joke for those that might not be privy to the fact that this represented the Groom's favorite food.

*Brushed on a tiny bit of oil at delivery to give the tomatoes and pickle a wet look*

Chocolate cake, cream cheese icing, and MMF "sandwich fixins"

Saved the best for last, I am in love with this picture, click on it to open it full size in your will be blown up and hung in my kitchen soon- just a lucky shot.

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