Monday, August 12, 2013

Benjamin's Baby Shower Cake

Let's preface this with me saying that I was not ASKED to make my own baby shower cake, I requested that I be allowed to make the cake. Because it is rare that I get to pick out the concept for a cake, I am usually working within parameters- which is great, but this was a treat.
The shower theme was "baby woodland animals," and this is what I came up with.
A baby in a fox "costume" on a bed of leaves, all on a "stump" of a cake covered in vines and little blue flowers.

I had fun putting the "growth rings" on the top, and left room for the monogram of little Mr. Benjamin Douglas White.
It was fun not to have to smooth the sides of the cake, a little therapeutic even to make "rough" icing.
A close up of the little baby, with his faux fox fur (which is so fun to say, haha). Completely edible, but I wouldn't let Ben sample him after he was removed from the cake, that just seemed too weird.

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