Monday, May 20, 2013

Duck Cake

Happy Birthday for a duck hunter. Yellow cake, cream cheese icing, MMF decorations (my most popular combo!).

Rimmed the "pond" with a few tufts of grass.

I used a template to cut out this duck silhouette and used food coloring "paint" to add all of his coloring by hand. I love how he turned out!!
Here is a case of being in a hurry to get something done, these pictures are a little blurred, I didn't check them before packing up the cake and sending it on it's merry way. Oops.

'Purple Blossoms' Wedding Cake

Request for this cake was a square cake with "cherry" blossoms in Plum.

Picked up a sample of the bride's chosen color at David's Bridal to make sure the flowers matched. They did match, but unfortunately the purple did not translate well on my camera- probably had to do with the flash I had to use indoors.

The bride loved the "pearls" details in the flowers. And the silver accents.

I do not have a picture of the cake with the topper, it hadn't arrived yet before I left. I am looking forward to seeing wedding photos posted by the bride!

"Angry Birds" Cake

Ta-dah, an "Angry Birds" birthday cake.

Yellow cake, cream cheese icing, and marshmallow fondant Angry Bird face. I was told they don't have names, so this is just "the red one." Love how he turned out!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Farming Cake

This birthday cake was for a 2 year old that can tell you the name of any piece of farm equipment, he loves it!

Cody was excited about his "John Deere tractor"

He insisted that the cows continue to "eat" his piece of cake after it was cut, so he could lick the icing off them.

Cody was more excited about the "dirt" than the loader. :)
It is the biggest compliment to see a child get excited about a cake I have made, it is so genuine! :)

Who Fell in the Cake?!

So this one time...Ben fell off of the airboat... he wasn't hurt, so it was hilarious. With a little help from my friends, I decided that this moment and many of his other favorite things should be commemorated in his 30th birthday cake!

Just in case it's not obvious, I'll tell you what they all are:

Here is his deer rifle, or crow or coyote...whatever he wants to hunt. The man loves his guns.

He is a farmer, the first thing I remember him planting was corn. Plus...I wasn't sure how to easily do wheat or soybeans. ha ha.

Ben and his buddies go out to Arkansas every once in awhile for duck hunting, and we love Duck Dynasty.

Yeti Coolers boast of being "bear proof," I think a bigger accomplishment is that so far they have proven to be "Ben Proof" too. He also got Waukeenah Fertilizer setup as an official Yeti dealer!

Speaking of Waukeenah Fertilizer, Ben is proud to have been working there for years. Added a bag of their "Top Yield" fertilizer.

Here is Ben making his splash into the river!

Ben doesn't like to be anywhere without his hat, I added the purple bikini top for myself.

PW Farms is Ben and Daniel's farming company, he does have their insignia on his favorite Tervis Tumbler.

This is actually a combo of two stories- the one about falling off the airboat, and once Ben was messing around in a kayak and flipped it but managed to keep his drink out of the water. A proud moment.

This is all we saw from the Crocs flailing around. ha ha.
I love you Benjamin, Happy Birthday! :)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Bigfoot is Bored, Cupcakes

What would Bigfoot do all day? Seems like his life would be a little lonely and boring!
Hence the cupcakes: "Bigfoot is Bored" for my little brother's 14th birthday!

Almost feel sorry for the guy, but he sure was fun to make!

I didn't want just trees in the woods, though I guess that would have made it MORE boring, so I added a few water features and some rocks. This bit of the river even has a little fish in it, but Bigfoot is not amused. haha.

Needed a HAPPY BIRTHDAY indicator as well.

And a "hairy" number 14 for the birthday boy's age! Sometimes it is super fun to get to have free reign on what to make!

FSU Graduation Order

1 dozen FSU graduation cupcakes, Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing.

Complete with little diploma toppers.

2 tier graduation cake, Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing, fondant details, and "Sixlet" candy borders.
Graduation cap cake topper, loved how this turned out!

Garnet and Gold dots and stars were scattered on both tiers. This cake was very festive!

Tooth Cake- Dentistry Graduation

Graduation cakes are fun, this is a twist on the usual though- it's for Dentistry! Had so much fun with this cute little tooth!
Since the cake was pink, I thought it would be fitting to have a little "teeth" border.
Made a shiny silver pick and mirror.

No dentist can work without a mask!

Little graduation cap for our "tooth graduate"
Toothbrush and diploma details too! Congrats to the graduate!!

Pink Baby Shower Cake & Cookies

Tiered yellow cake with pink buttercream, with mmf dots, bows, and lettering.
This order was for a BIG baby shower, I made 5 dozen cookies and a 3 tier cake.

Little pink onesie cookies, with an "A" for Addison.

Bottom Tier detail. Tiny bows went around the cake, with this sparkly name plate for Ms. Addison.

Middle tier detail. Cake was surrounded with multicolored dots.

Top tier detail. Onesie outline, I later added the baby's monogram, but forgot to snap a picture.
Top detail.

To complete the story- unfortunately this cake was delivered on a day when we were experiencing road work (on our mile long dirt driveway) and rain for several days in a row. All the jiggling and jostling did not allow the bottom tier to survive the mud bog that was necessary to leave my house. I was able to salvage the top 2 tiers without a problem, and the good news is that there was plenty of cake at the party- there were even leftovers! 
*Lesson Learned. Cakes taller than 2 tiers will be assembled on site when at all possible.