Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Old Buzzard Birthday Cake

I would love to say this was my idea, but it wasn't- the client had the design elements all planned out, and what a great idea!

The tombstone looked very plain with just the "40" so I added scrollwork, like how the marble turned out too.

Normally I would warn against black icing, the amount of food coloring needed tends to give it a funny taste. However, I suggested to start with a chocolate cream cheese icing, that didn't take much color to go from brown to this lovely black. That's why the writing and other elements also have brown incorporated.

A Marshmallow Fondant Buzzard. Yes, I made a buzzard out of sugar...didn't think that would happen so soon in my career. haha. Love how he turned out.

"Aren't you happy it's your birthday?! Got any dinner for me?"
A hilarious concept for a cake, hope the birthday girl loved it!

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