Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Florida Farm Bureau Cake- Jefferson County

This was a charity cake for a fund-raiser auction for the Florida Farm Bureau.
Cell phone picture, but here are all the decorations almost at completion (hadn't finished the state and cow)

Though the logo has a Florida in orange, I decided to go with gold for the sunshine state.

Corn, Cotton, Livestock, Oranges, Peanuts, & Soybeans
It raised a respectable amount at the auction, and made me feel good to contribute!

Orange/Brown Wedding Shower Cake

A wedding shower cake with an orange color scheme
The invitation had some poppy-like flowers that were paint splotched... tried to echo that in some of the cake flowers.

The "orange" roses dried a little more red than I had hoped, but still fit in.
Congratulations to the happy couple!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Barbed Wire Cake

Birthday cake for a cowboy I know. :)

Bet the barbed wire won't keep him out of this cake!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Birthday GA Cowgirl!

The birthday girl for this one is a GA Bulldogs fan, and she loves horses.

A little saddle.

Teeny black and red boots, and horseshoes around the cake, I put them in the black circle to help them stand out from the white icing.

Pink Dolphin Birthday Cake

This is the inspiration for the cake, the birthday girl's backpack!
And here is the cake! A jumping pink dolphin!

Complete with lots of pink edible glitter (wish it showed better in the pictures, it is way sparkly)

Added the little jeweled heart on the tail, hope the birthday girl enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it! :)

Farm Animals and a Tornado

Cow, Pig, and Chicken cake pops.

Hayes' second birthday, his Mom themed the party with "Terrible Twos." Including a Cupcake-Cake Tornado

Cute little critter cake pops.

A Backwoods Princess

Pink and gold boots? Are they edible? Oh yes!
And just look out teeny they are!

The Princess' bustle, rolled roses!

Of course she needs a rifle too!

The full princess dress, in Camo colors with pink and purple accents.

Put the boots next to the dress (if she was wearing them you couldn't see), and done!
Personally delivered to a very excited birthday girl!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy 30th Birthday!

I love when orders come from boyfriends/husbands for their girl's birthday, it is like a game-show trying to get a cake idea from them, the conversations go something like this: What is her favorite color? "Oh, I know that- blue" What kind of flowers does she like? "Well...ummm..." Roses? "Yeah, what girl doesn't like roses?!" What flavor? "Red velvet? Chocolate? Girls like chocolate right?!"

We settled on Blue Velvet Cake, with a big 30 for the Birthday Girl's age, and fondant flowers including roses.

Proud of that freehand 30. I chose hydrangeas and chrysanthemums to go with the pink roses.

It's been awhile since I have had cause for sugar flowers, forgot how much I enjoy them!

Wine Bottle Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday! This cake was ordered by the Birthday Girl's husband, he said he didn't want "traditional" cake for her.

The wine bottle should have been longer or thinner, but if I thinned it out there would be less cake, so I just had to suffer through the proportions being a bit off.

The birthday girl is also the Mama to two sweet little boys, so I added them in place of a price sticker on the bottle, just a little extra personalization. :)