Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Whiskey Bottle Cake

Around here many of our guys drink Lord Calvert whiskey. It is relatively cheap but still tastes like they want.

My friend ordered her husband a Lord Calvert cake. This is how we delivered it!

One full yellow cake recipe, two batches of cream cheese icing, and a little fondant later.

Canadians spell it "whisky," but I didn't want to have to explain myself all night about why it was spelled funny. So I corrected it for my mock label.

Happy 41st Birthday Glenn!

Luckily my friends at the local liquor store were happy to help me out with an appropriate box!

A "Little Layer" Cake

My family calls these "13 layer" cakes, but for me it turned out to only make 10 layers.
A pretty big feat for my first attempt, and I decided to change the name of my recipe, this is from now on a "Little Layer" cake. That way I can end up with however many layers I get, and not feel like the count is off!

So yellow cake "little layers," and my Nana's cooked fudge icing.

I actually got to eat some of this one, it is very rich, but SUPER yummy!
Hope I get to do another of these soon.

A Special Surprise Cake

This is a birthday cake with a special surprise.

I had never done an orange (colored) cake before, I found the white to be a nice compliment.

White (homemade marshmallow) fondant flowers and piped design to give the sides "flair."

Had an unfortunate piping accident with the exclamation points, covered that up with flowers.

A marshmallow fondant rose to complete the design...

And, surprise!
This is a FL Gators cake for the birthday girl,
blue velvet cake and orange (colored) cream cheese icing.

Cookie Cake

My first ever cookie cake!

Chocolate chip cookie, & cream cheese icing.
The birthday girl prefers frozen margaritas, with no salt on the rim.
Party on!