Monday, December 31, 2012

Gender Reveal Cake

My first ever gender reveal cake! Will it be for a boy or girl?

The parents already knew the gender, so their son got to cut the cake!

Everyone is excited for the news!!!

It's a girl, YAY!

A lot of pink in that cake! I wanted to make sure it was dramatic enough, haha.
Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Byrd on the announcement of their little girl!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Poinsettias & a Hippopotamus

Merry Christmas!!! When deciding on a design for Christmas cookies this year I found this wonderful Poinsettia idea over at Sweet Sugarbelle. I absolutely love how they turned out!
"I want a hippopotamus for Christmas...", I was surprised by how many of my family members didn't know this song! This is a sample of a set made with more stockings and hippos.

I really like how the chocolate sugar cookies make the royal icing colors pop!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Cookies!

Got an order to make personalized Christmas gifts for a friend to give out around her office. Made a baker's dozen for each person, and made the gift a little interactive by making a snowglobe that can have the scene changed before eating it!
Sugar cookies with Royal Icing

Love the melty Snoman letters! Found the perfect sprinkles to make Christmas lights!

Really enjoyed the textured Christmas trees! :)
There were so many letters in Danielle's name, I had to make some originals for her. Like the "N" and second "E"

Friday, December 14, 2012

Gift Cake

A birthday cake, designed like a Christmas gift (to blend in at a Christmas open house, as a surprise for the birthday girl).

My first fondant bow!! The "wrapping paper" is covered with Royal Icing poinsettias. Under all that wrapping is a Spice Cake.

Happy Birthday to Granny!!

Fairy & Butterflies Cake

Ok, so I am not sure what "Dirty" and Fairys/Butterflies have to do with each other. But I am just the cake maker, I don't have to ask questions like that. Ha ha.

The inside is pink! Strawberry Soda cake, with Cream Cheese Icing

Covered the cake with a technique called Cornelli Lace, for "vines." Added a fairy figurine, she is not edible. My attempts at a fairy were unsuccessful, so she was plan B.

There were several sizes and shapes of butterflies on the cake. They were much more sparkly in person.

Added some yellow 'sweet pea' flowers, just as butterfly bait. :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Old Buzzard Birthday Cake

I would love to say this was my idea, but it wasn't- the client had the design elements all planned out, and what a great idea!

The tombstone looked very plain with just the "40" so I added scrollwork, like how the marble turned out too.

Normally I would warn against black icing, the amount of food coloring needed tends to give it a funny taste. However, I suggested to start with a chocolate cream cheese icing, that didn't take much color to go from brown to this lovely black. That's why the writing and other elements also have brown incorporated.

A Marshmallow Fondant Buzzard. Yes, I made a buzzard out of sugar...didn't think that would happen so soon in my career. haha. Love how he turned out.

"Aren't you happy it's your birthday?! Got any dinner for me?"
A hilarious concept for a cake, hope the birthday girl loved it!

Baby Shower, Pink Dress

This is the invitation used as the inspiration for a baby shower cake

Made a pink, marshmallow fondant little baby dress on a hanger, similar to the one on the invitation.
Finished cake, with silver pearl border, pink pearls sprinkled over the cake, and the pretty little baby dress.

Sunflower Cake

Yellow Cake, Cream Cheese Icing, MMF Petals, M&M Ladybugs: Sunflower Cake!

I love how this cake turned out, it is pretty high on my list for favorite cakes. It's silly but I also love the "woody" texture of the 'stem', that was a whim decision, very happy with it.

This is going to be my new business card image. Cropped a little, but get ready for it to show up! :)

Created the petals with two different sized cutters, added the lines and hand shaped the curve. Piped the center with a star tip.

There were about 7 little ladybugs crawling on this cake, painted M&Ms with food coloring for these cuties.

I was told that the birthday girl LOVED the cake, she wouldn't let anyone else cut it because she found a way to cut between the petals to keep the cake intact as long as possible.
Can't beat feedback like that!

Friday, November 9, 2012

North Florida Fair- Decorated Cakes Competition

The North Florida Fair has an array of contests for livestock, horticulture, County well as Fine Arts and Home goods. There are several divisions for cakes and other baked goods, including Decorated Cakes.
This year the theme for the fair was "A Whole Lot of Happy," I decided to utilize another division of the Fair and highlight flowers bringing happiness to gardeners.

I decided to make the cake 4 layers high, the finished cake was 8x4", I went for decorations more than size.

Handmade each leaf & petal for a bushel of flowers: White Roses, Purple Peonies, and a 'Pink Perfection' Camellia (My Nana's favorite).

Gardening gloves. With stitches, patterning shown on the "top" of the right glove and the nonslip palm displayed of the left glove.

Sprinkled some oreo "potting soil" around the chocolate bushel made from a mold.
I created "seed packets" to display on 3 sides of the cake. Each was hand painted with food color "paint".

Packets were for Sunflowers, Tulips, Bleeding Hearts {previous 2 photos}, and Pansies
Made yellow Sweet Peas to trail around and up the cake sides.
Here is the completed cake. Yellow Cake, Buttercream Icing, Marshmallow fondant gloves, seed packets, & flowers, a chocolate bushel- everything edible except the thin wires securing the flowers to the cake.
Here is my cake at the fair, 3rd place! :) {a little worse for wear on that left corner, probably got grazed moving it into the case, pretty good for 2 days after delivery}
This is the Second Place cake, I love it! The little cupcake people on the Ferris wheel is genius (there is a battery pack that lights up the center, not sure if it was supposed to spin, but still- pretty cool). There are cute little prize winners (a cow, a pumpkin, I think a chicken...). Overall, I am happy to be beaten out by this cake- it is precious and very fitting. :)
This, however, is the First Place cake.              *I am trying very hard to be gracious in the issues that I see {and would like to point out} in this cake, in an effort not to appear to be a sore loser. Make your own judgements- I will just say "pizza box" and shake my head quietly*
Here are the 3 finalists together. Hopefully when I pickup the cake next week I will be provided with a score card of some sort.

Monday, October 29, 2012

First Birthday Cake, Farm

A pink, farm, first birthday cake for Ms. Madison. Yellow Cake with cream cheese icing.

A mini-corn field with a little family of chickens enjoying some kernels.

A pond, with lily pads, cattails and a little duck family. (Yes, the girl & baby ducks' heads shouldn't be green, technically...but they are prettier this way...)
A little piggy in his favorite muddy wallow.
I knew if I kept making everything a family there wouldn't be room for them all on the cake, so I just had to make the single animals extra cute... :)
Sweet little moo-cow, I love how he turned out... Obviously too big for the pink barn...but hey, I never said it was to scale.

Overall I was SO happy with this cake, and got a fantastic review from Madison's Mommy. :) Pleased to say also that everything on this cake is 100% edible, even the corn stalks, cattails, and cow's legs- they just contain noodle supports.

Ms. Madison's Smash Cake, tried to keep the fondant to a minimum so she could eat as much of the cake as possible without fear of any "small parts". Hope her Mommy posts pictures of her getting into this one. :)