Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Under the Sea" Baby Shower Cake

Got an order for another ocean themed baby shower cake, turned out to be one of my favorite cakes so far! I love how it turned out.

Welcome to Baby Kyler Wyatt!
Sweet little sleeping sugar baby.

Couldn't resist one more picture with those little toes.
Seaweed, Sparkly Jellyfish, Coral, and Bubbles
A little crab

The octopus turned out a little goofy, but I still like him.
Another full view of the side, with sand dollars and starfish
Happy to report that the standing shell made it all the way to the party!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Strange Bird

Amber says "What a strange bird" all the time, so it was only fitting to make her a strange bird cake.

Google "Strange Bird", you will get weird buck tooth photoshopped I had nothing to go on here, just had to start from a bird shape and go from there with feathers!

Poor birdy, his tail had a couple weak spots, but it stayed on well!

The "shorty" bird, still pretty strange!

Pirate Birthday Cake

This order was originally for cupcakes, but was modified after the birthday boy requested cake!

Chocolate Chocolate-Chip cake, Cream Cheese Icing

Added jewels, gold doubloons, and pearls for pirate treasure!

And cute little Pirate Captains, with a feather in his cap.

Country Boy- Graduation Cake

Two Tiered, Hunting/Graduation Cake. 

Yellow Cake on bottom, Chocolate Cake on top, Cream cheese icing. MMF Diploma and Grad Cap

Star Wars Mania!

Had a bit of a rush in May on Star Wars desserts.
Here are Darth Vader and Yoda on a Honey-Bun cake.

Here are the same decorations scaled way down for cupcakes, a Mini Yoda.

Some Darths, Lukes, and a few "galaxy" cakes thrown in.

The whole StarWars Cupcake Set.

Girly Baby Shower Cake

Vanilla Cake, Vanilla Buttercream

For a new little baby girl

I like how "fluffy" it turned out.