Monday, June 24, 2013

Pizza & Breadstick Cookies

My brother was out of town at camp all week, and I had this awesome order for a TMNT Cake & Pizza Cookies, so I made him his own "welcome home" cookie pizza & breadsticks while I was at it.

Once all the icing was on they didn't fit back together completely...but you still get the idea.

Added sugar crumbles to the "crust" to make it more realistic.

Super excited about how these went. There is something very funny to me about food that looks like other food.

TMNT Birthday Cake

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cake!!! This was so much fun! I have been wanting to use this cake pan forever- finally got an order for "Raphael" (my favorite member of TMNT too).
Delivered in it's very own "Pizza" box.
The super cool Mom that ordered this cake also wanted pizza cookies as party snacks, BRILLIANT!
Ha, looks like he is dreaming of a slice.

I "Mustache" You to have a Happy Birthday!

This birthday cake was requested in the shape of a mustache, how fun!!

Chocolate cake, with chocolate cream cheese icing.
I just wish I had gotten a picture of someone "wearing" it.

Nautical Wedding Shower

This cake was designed for a couple that met on a cruise, and had a nautical-themed wedding shower.

Thought about making the 'rope' from fondant, but decided instead to hand pipe that detail. I loved the results!

Congrats to Kat & Jared!!

"Congraduations" Cake!

A highschool graduation cake- The graduate's mom wanted to combine "Congratulations" with "Graduation" to be silly. Love it!
Red velvet cake, Creamcheese icing (sprayed with edible silver spray), with fondant versions of Audrey's honors tassles and grad cap.
The sides were looking a little plain, so I added some "cheering" from the crowd at graduation!

We are indeed proud of Audrey- she will be starting college in the fall!

A better view of the grad cap, love how it turned out.

Bachelorette Party Cake

Bachelorette Party Cake, the theme colors were pink and black.
Made a little fondant corset.

Black sugar pearls, sugar "diamonds", then cut-out diamond rings, black pumps, and little cocktails!