Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Belt Buckle & Bandana Print

Papa's 83rd birthday party needed a cake! Decided to go with a belt buckle and some bandana print.

Normally the initial would be centered in a belt buckle, but had to leave room for the other cake. A big ol M, Happy Birthday, some Longhorn silhouettes, and a piped rope border to complete the look.

Bandana/Paisley print topper. It turned out the decor for the party was bandanas too- I didn't even know.

All yellow cake, the topper with buttercream, the bottom with chocolate cream cheese icing and some edible silver spray.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Girly Farm Cake

A little piggy smash cake for Lilli's first birthday party. She has removable ears and bow, everything else is buttercream (to prevent any choking hazards).

Piggy cake with one of the dozen pig cookies ordered.

These little cuties were fun to make, a whole herd of piglets.

The official cake for the birthday girl, complete with pink barn!

MMF barn, animals, and flowers. Yellow cake, buttercream icing.

A little more detail of the rooster, grass, and flowers.

Happy Birthday Lilli!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Benjamin's Baby Shower Cake

Let's preface this with me saying that I was not ASKED to make my own baby shower cake, I requested that I be allowed to make the cake. Because it is rare that I get to pick out the concept for a cake, I am usually working within parameters- which is great, but this was a treat.
The shower theme was "baby woodland animals," and this is what I came up with.
A baby in a fox "costume" on a bed of leaves, all on a "stump" of a cake covered in vines and little blue flowers.

I had fun putting the "growth rings" on the top, and left room for the monogram of little Mr. Benjamin Douglas White.
It was fun not to have to smooth the sides of the cake, a little therapeutic even to make "rough" icing.
A close up of the little baby, with his faux fox fur (which is so fun to say, haha). Completely edible, but I wouldn't let Ben sample him after he was removed from the cake, that just seemed too weird.

Truck Driver Cake

Mr. Ray (the birthday boy) is a truck driver, and his best buddy is his co-pilot. A birthday cake was ordered to represent this.
White cake, sunshine-yellow cream cheese icing, made the black/silver border to mimic the highway.

"Brownie" is a Black-Mouth Curr, and Ray's riding buddy.

FSU Cake

Hand-painted marshmallow fondant Noles logo.
A fitting cake for a Nole fan

Yellow cake, cream cheese icing, garnet & gold candy border.

Over the Hill cake

This cake was for a surprise 50th birthday party.

Going for a "hill" kind of shape, added really dark purple roses (they looked better in person, my camera doesn't pick up purple well for some reason- user error probably).

Monday, August 5, 2013

Baby Bottom Cake

Request for a shower cake for Baby Emma.

Yellow cake, buttercream icing. I used "cake ball" filling for the legs (didn't want that much fondant just plopped on there) and covered them with fondant. Then fondant feet, teeny toes, and blanket.

Added Emma's initial  to her "blanket" with piping to mimic embroidery

This order included 2 dozen cookies- little pink onesies with ruffle collars.

A sample of the finished products together, a very fun order.