Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dora the Explorer

Hand-cut fondant Dora the Explorer (learned later that her bracelet is on the wrong wrist, oops).

Double Birthday Cakes

This order was for 2 sisters with a shared birthday party, but each birthday girl needed her own cake and had great ideas for the designs.
The girl's mommy ordered an edible image and had me add it to this cake. Cinderella on a chocolate cake with cream cheese icing (all the C's).

The second cake was for Hello Kitty dressed as a University of Florida cheerleader.

Marshmallow fondant Hello Kitty character, on yellow cake & buttercream icing. With piped icing for the pom-poms and border.

Pink Cowgirl Boot Cake

Order came in for a yellow cake with chocolate icing, with "pink flowers, and maybe a boot".
Small marshmallow fondant flowers and a pink cowboy boot for the birthday girl!

Pink Belly Cake

Baby shower Belly cake for a new little country princess.

Yellow cake, cream cheese icing. Homemade fondant used as the "dress" and flowers.

United Methodist Church Cake

Finally back to the cake world! Baby Benjamin is an awesome kid, growing like a weed- he and I have decided that he will allow me to do some baking projects again (haha).

This was a yellow cake, with chocolate cream cheese icing. Commissioned by the United Methodist Men's group to celebrate their 25th year of existence in Waukeenah. Used colored chocolate to make the logo of the United Methodist Church, then piped a rope border along the bottom of the cake.