Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Whiskey Bottle Cake

Around here many of our guys drink Lord Calvert whiskey. It is relatively cheap but still tastes like they want.

My friend ordered her husband a Lord Calvert cake. This is how we delivered it!

One full yellow cake recipe, two batches of cream cheese icing, and a little fondant later.

Canadians spell it "whisky," but I didn't want to have to explain myself all night about why it was spelled funny. So I corrected it for my mock label.

Happy 41st Birthday Glenn!

Luckily my friends at the local liquor store were happy to help me out with an appropriate box!

A "Little Layer" Cake

My family calls these "13 layer" cakes, but for me it turned out to only make 10 layers.
A pretty big feat for my first attempt, and I decided to change the name of my recipe, this is from now on a "Little Layer" cake. That way I can end up with however many layers I get, and not feel like the count is off!

So yellow cake "little layers," and my Nana's cooked fudge icing.

I actually got to eat some of this one, it is very rich, but SUPER yummy!
Hope I get to do another of these soon.

A Special Surprise Cake

This is a birthday cake with a special surprise.

I had never done an orange (colored) cake before, I found the white to be a nice compliment.

White (homemade marshmallow) fondant flowers and piped design to give the sides "flair."

Had an unfortunate piping accident with the exclamation points, covered that up with flowers.

A marshmallow fondant rose to complete the design...

And, surprise!
This is a FL Gators cake for the birthday girl,
blue velvet cake and orange (colored) cream cheese icing.

Cookie Cake

My first ever cookie cake!

Chocolate chip cookie, & cream cheese icing.
The birthday girl prefers frozen margaritas, with no salt on the rim.
Party on!

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Personal Favorite

Red Velvet Cheesecake.
That's right, like red velvet cake...but a cheesecake.

It has many of the same weird ingredients that a red velvet cake has... and of course that beautiful red color! Then you make special cream cheese icing for the top. It is a very rich cake.

It's messy to cut, so usually I do it for the customer, but this was going to another cake lady, I knew she could handle it. :)

...Does Whatever a Spider Can...

How do you make a spider man cake without a spider man pan?!
And personally I'm not really into eating faces... lol

Spiderman scaled all they way to the top of this building to write a message for Kanny!

I love that scene in the first spider man where the poor window washer is scraping huge spiderwebs off a building. :)

Happy Birthday from Spidey!

It was especially fun to know that the web didn't have to be perfect, afterall, it's supposed to be spindly like a web right?! Good thing too, since it was about midnight when I got to those!

Lego Cheesecake?!

Our church pianist is awesome, he plays really well- all wearing a Lego Starwars watch.

For his birthday, he got a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.

Then 3 white 6-bricks, 3 white 4-bricks, and 3 black 6-bricks made 3 Lego piano keys!

Tiers Without Tears

My first attempt at a tiered cake, for my cousin's 16th birthday.

Chocolate top tier, with Swiss Meringue Buttercream icing.
Yellow cake bottom tier, with Cream Cheese icing.
Marshmallow Fondant flowers.

Loved the "ruffle cake" concept on the top tier, gotta figure out how to finish the top better.
Here we left space for "1" and "6" candles.

Roses are fun to work on. Calla Lilies added to my "can make" list too!

As far as I know the cake didn't sag, I call that success!
Look forward to trying tiers again!

Blackberry Cake (Berries Not Included)

Cake was requested for the party of a Blackberry Support Technician, of course he needed a Blackberry cake!

Homemade Marshmallow Fondant tastes much better than the store bought kind, still not sure I want to cover an entire cake with it, but it was perfect for this keyboard.

All colored & lettered up, and sheen added to the roller ball.

Of course it needed a screen!

Ta-Dah! Blackberry cake!
(I should have leveled off the cake to eliminate the roundness, but I wanted as much cake as possible to be available for the office party)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sweet As Pie

A friend of mine recently got engaged to a great girl~ her friend hosted a surprise engagement shower for them, unfortunately I was out of town, but I did get to send goodies!

This new cake plate was a wedding gift {shout out!}, and is perfect for photographs.

I decided that just one type of pie would be boring, I had cherries in the fridge, fresh blueberries, and I keep chocolate pudding available at all times...those would be my pies.
I didn't want it to be like a box of chocolates, I wanted people to know what they were getting when they picked up their pie of choice, so they had to look different.

Blueberry (from Granny's blueberry grove), thatched crust design

Cherry (I don't have a fresh cherry supplier, yet), full crust design

Chocolate, with cool whip top

Ended up making about 5 dozen mini pies

Well, it was cheesy, but it was the concept. Sweetie "Pie"

Since I wouldn't be at the party, didn't want to burden anyone with remembering which ones where what, I made a "key." It was pretty fun to bust out the crayons for that one!

All packed up and ready to party!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Turtle Hatchlings

Turtle cupcakes by request for a birthday party on the river!

23 turtles with shells, 1 turtle under the water with a candle and "Sarah"

Vanilla cupcakes, cream cheese water & turtles, modelling chocolate shells, and chocolate fish!

I love the sparkles on the fish, I think they were my favorite part!

Tuuuuurtle, Turtle

So much fun! Heard they were a hit at the party!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ahoy Matey!

A pirate party on the river? Yes please!

The party was for a 4 year old, so these are 'kiddie' pirates.
Modelling chocolate bandanas, and cream cheese icing faces/eye patches.

There were treasure maps as well, but I didn't get any pictures of those.
"Arrrr" til next time!

Bachelor Party Cake

Cake isn't the first thing that springs to mind when most people think "bachelor party"...
But for me, it seemed like a logical step
This cake was made as a challenge for myself, to then be sent to my fiance's bachelor party

Two sheetcakes and one globe cake make up this torso

This was a fun chance to try out Cornelli lace!
The bachelor himself added the belly button,
I wanted him to be able to say he helped!

This cake was a little top heavy, making it interesting to transport.
But it survived to make it to the party and they guys loved it!

Look Out!

...Here comes SpiderMan!

Received an order for SpiderMan cupcakes!

Specifications Given: Spiderman, cream cheese icing, vanilla cake.

Well, we know it has to be red and blue!

Modelling chocolate spidey heads, hand formed and "webbed"
with Royal Icing eyes.

Spiderman Logo makes an appearance...

In this picture I think they look like ants at a picnic. lol.

22 Spiderman Cupcakes!