Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cowboy Twins Birthday Cake

My Dad & Uncle Stephen had to have a cool birthday cake- yellow cake with chocolate cream cheese icing

Not a lot of ideas for twins (to top previous years, lol) so decided on 2 pairs of boots, and a piped rope border

Happy Birthday Ya'll!

The teeny boot pairs together.

Little gray alligator boots for one twin!

Teeny brown ostrich boots for the other!

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

Mickey Mouse Birthday cake

Made this cake for little Jaylon's party, he was SO sweet when I delivered & setup the cake before his party.

Jungle Baby Shower Cake

Baby Nolan had a Jungle shower, with a vines top tier, giraffe print bottom tier, & baby topper

Baby in a lion costume, on a zebra blanket, with a stuffed giraffe toy

Love those little toes

Pink Smash Cake

Pink rosette smash cake

This little girl had a photo shoot for her first birthday, and had this to smush there

Pink John Deere Cake

Chocolate cake, cream cheese icing.

Fondant John Deere logo

Green icing reminiscent of grass, and pink flowers

Fire School Graduation Cake

Fire School Graduation Cake

Fondant Fire

Used a leaf cutter for the different sized flames

Fire Emblem

50th Anniversary Cake

Yellow cake base, chocolate top tier, cream cheese icing, handmade fondant roses.

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

Ariel splashed down into this birthday cake, and below her on the sea floor are treasures from other princesses.

Arrow represents Merida (Brave), Apple for Snow White, Book painted with rose in a glass case for Belle (Beauty & the Beast), and peeking around from the back is a tentacle from Ursula

Right out front is Jasmine's headband (Aladdin), Rapunzel's frying pan (Tangled), Carrot nose from Frozen, Cinderella's slippers.

Finally Pocahontas' necklace there on the left. The birthday girl had a fun treasure hunt, then ate her strawberry cake.

"Mommy to Bee" Baby Shower

This cake was for a "Mommy to Bee" baby shower, however some of the decorations were done with polka dots rather than stripes, so that's what we did for the 'dress'
Added icing rosettes to cover the rest of the cake

Still needed SOME stripes, so added them as the texture on the bodice.

Let's Go Mudding- Wedding Cake Style

The bride & groom wanted a traditional cake...being splattered by a mud tire

So much fun splattering the wedding cake with icing "mud"

Mud tire! Chocolate cake base & tire, covered in chocolate icing "mud"

Wedding cake was yellow cake, with vanilla buttercream icing

One more "for the road".