Sunday, February 16, 2014

Minecraft Cake, Version 2

Minecraft cake for my nephew's birthday- he came over and showed me the exact scene he wanted made with his Minecraft "action figures"

Yellow cake, chocolate and vanilla buttercream, and minecraft figures

100 Hearts Cake

The full-size cake I donated to the UMM Cake Auction

Yellow cake, chocolate creamcheese icing (a tried & true favorite), and a gold sixlet border

Piped on a variety of hearts to cover the cake in white, pale pink, hot pink, & red.

Heart Mini-Cake

This is a chocolate mini-cake with pink creamcheese icing and 2 handmade fondant roses

This was sold at the Waukeenah United Methodist Men's Annual Sweetheart Dinner & Cake Auction.
Labeled as "A romantic cake for 2"

Valentine's Cookies

Mustache & Lipstick hearts for one cookie order

There were 4 dozen cookies in this order, 2 dozen each of the pretty lips and handsome mustaches.

Hearts and Dinos for my most loyal Valentine's customer :)

Made some of the heart cookies with dino "footprints"

This is a selection of the other hearts that went with the dinos.

Minecraft Cake, Version 1

I had two orders for Minecraft cakes in February, both for awesome boys with 2 different ideas on how the cake should look.
This is the 2D version of a Minecraft cake, with Steve and his pig buddy

Added some gold along the border (what do they mine for? I am not cool enough to know)

(Please excuse my messy counter in the photos.)

Hunting Cake

Cake for a little hunter, with camo icing

Added a hunter orange border along the bottom

Fondant deer "trophy mount", rifle, and some icing deer tracks. He was a happy birthday boy!

Another Version of Camo Cake

Realtree camo is hard to make, this is a different method I tried for my cousin.

Cream cheese icing, yellow cake (camo on the inside actually), fondant leaves 

Minnie Mouse Birthday Cakes

Mini Minnie Mouse Smash cake, didn't want too much black to get on the baby so the 'mouse' was striped

Here is the party cake, 2 tiers decorated fit for Minnie Mouse herself.

Strawberry cake, buttercream icing, fondant Minnie heads & bows.

First Bee-day Cake

Bee themed birthday party, for a first "bee"-day girl!

This was her smash cake, a little beehive.

Complete with icing bees.