Monday, March 26, 2012

Ultimate 2-year-old Boy Birthday Cake

Got a call for a birthday cake for an active 2 year old boy. The perfect cake was designed for him. Can you guess it?

He likes Sesame Street, his favorite character is Elmo. Done. :)

Now guess what he is riding? Green, yellow, big tires....

A John Deere tractor of course!

The birthday boy was excited, and instantly recognized all the parts: "Elmo" "Tractor" "Cake"
Love a happy kid customer!

Brobee Birthday Cake

If you don't know him (I didn't), this is Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba!

He is for a sweet little girl's second birthday, funny that she likes him instead of the pink character, but she does! :)

Used his fuzzy pattern for the bottom border too.

It was fun to make this fuzzy guy, he is buttercream, and his face and the birthday letters are MM fondant.

Mexican Wedding Shower Cake

Got a request for a Mexican Wedding Shower cake.

Yellow cake, buttercream icing, MM fondant decorations.

Margaritas are an obvious choice for a mexican cake. :)

When I ran a search for Mexican wedding ideas, I found a lot of references to pretty Mexican lace, as well as pinwheels that symbolize good luck.
Hand painted tiles were made with the pinwheel pattern, for luck!

Another doily, I am excited to work with this technique more soon.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Natalie's Pony Birthday Cake

Natalie is turning 9 today!!! Happy birthday girlie!
She requested her cake very specifically (little girls always know just what they want): brown and white horses, the sky, and a field.
Can do.

Added a little daffodil for something extra, I wish I had made more.

I tried to make standing horses, disaster.
So we got cute pony faces instead.

Luckily I am not a fence builder, haha, but I did make this one whimsical on purpose.
Maybe. (no really...)

There are 4 ponies, one for each member of the family, Natalie, her little sister Audrey, her Dad Todd, and her Mom Cheryl. :)

Here are the cute little clouds on the "top" side.

Wedding Shower Cake

This request was for a wedding shower, the details given were: brown boots, roses, yellow/orange.

Yellow roses and little orange spray flowers were made from MMF.

Yellow cake, cream cheese icing.

Tried a few rose petals too.

The whole shebang- complete with brown cowgirl boot.

Brown boot from MMF, used different color for the sole, imprinted stitching then painted over it to highlight the shapes.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I know, it isn't Halloween, but some of the zombified IT members at the House of Reps. needed sustenance to start the "Special Session" that begins today.

I was going more for "cute" (in a zombie way) than gruesome. I wanted them to still be appetizing, and again, it's not Halloween. I do have some scarier ideas for Halloween Zombies, but they weren't appropriate for this.

Yellow cupcakes, vanilla buttercream icing (even vanilla brains!), and a few bone sprinkles.

Friday, March 9, 2012

"Non-Rosie" Birthday Cake

This cake was ordered for a birthday girl that, in the words of her husband, is "not a rosie person"- but she likes pink. Well, I can work with that.

3-layer yellow cake, vanilla buttercream icing, sugar carnations.

Tested a new style, "ombre" a fashion word for a graduation of color.
It would work on smooth icing as well, or with any number of tips. I love the effect!

I really like doing the MMF carnations, they are much more forgiving than roses, and still very pretty. Some are sparkly and a couple were pink. Happy Birthday Heather!

Silly Jokers

A little back-story on this one, Houston had a few mishaps while operating heavy equipment last week- he got the excavator stuck in a huge mud hole, then the next day when the excavator got out of the hole, one of the tracks popped off! It was a bad couple of days.

So to "cheer" him up, Ben ordered him a cake. haha. He won the "operator of the year" award!

Ben showed it off all day at Waukeenah Fert. until Houston made it there that afternoon. :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Rockin Groom's Cake

The same friend that I made the "chocolate shoe" lingerie shower cake for, had a groom with a special request for his Groom's Cake.

Yep, KISS. I left the parts of the cake that would have been SO hard to cut out between the letters (or that would have left too flimsy a piece sticking out, like that second S)- and that maximized the amount of cake that could be eaten.

My favorite picture of the set, The Spaceman.
Can't wait to see the pro photos of my cake from the wedding, that will be a fun first for me.

The Demon (Gene Simmons), and The Catman.

The Starchild, and The Demon again (love the tongue)

Blended colors on the sides, I like how that turned out.
The Groom liked the cake, and that's all I could ask for! :)
Congratulations to the Byrds!

Lingerie Shower- Charlotte

I threw a lingerie shower for my Sister-in-Law (best friend, old roommate, etc.), and of course we needed cake!

100% Edible!
Chocolate high heel, golden sixlet necklaces, MMF bra, chocolate chip cake, and cream cheese icing!

Her wedding colors are black, white, and 'chartreuse' (or technically, Lego Lime Green), but I went with teal icing to compliment the gold necklaces.

The cake and the shower were a success!

Happy Birthday Mom!

I used my Mom's birthday to try some new flower techniques, and put them all in a big chocolate cream cheese icing 'basket.'
(Phone camera pictures, whoops)

All of the flowers were made with MMF. A peach Rose, a big pink Dahlia, yellow Daffodils, an orange Tulip, dark purple Ranunculus, and (my personal favorite on the cake) white Carnations!

A candle lit in the style of my Aunt Mel, one huge taper candle to blow out.
Love it, and so did Mom!

Gator Football Birthday

My nephew Mason turned 8, and requested a Gator football cake with "real football guys."

Made a green-tinted, extra large sheet cake, green cream cheese icing, and used some Football Guys toys as the players. I had to repaint the blue & white players to have the orange for the Gators.

I put 8 on all the yardage marks, just for fun.

The kids at the party responded well to the cake, and Mason was quick to notice "Look Eia, that guy is about to get a touchdown!!!"
Never think kids won't notice the details! :)

Work in Progress

For awhile my kitchen table had to hold all of the "work in progress" pieces.
Thankfully I now have AWESOME shelves added in the "pantry" under the stairs so there is much more room for my projects and the mess can be hidden from guests.

Flowers need to dry for several days so that they don't lose their shape when they get exposed to icing. Egg cartons are perfect for that!

Royal Icing stars before being bagged for storage, and some KISS faces for an upcoming cake.

Never know what you will see in my kitchen, this is an edible bra "in progress."
That cake is upcoming as well.

Bud Light Cake

This was a rush order cake, I only knew about it a couple days in advance, but it worked out.

The birthday boy loves Bud Light, and was turning 26 so I changed the can ounces for that.

I forgot to take pictures with my camera, these are a bit fuzzy from my phone, sorry.

A Secret Cake

A cake was ordered for a Valentine's Day surprise.

But...the client didn't think he could get it all the way down to Gainesville without his wife noticing that it was in the car. So, they celebrated a day early.

Miss Macy's Order

Macy's Birthday is right around Valentine's day, and she is great about giving me a very specific order. I always know exactly what she wants.

Macy loooooves pink, so that is easy to keep straight. I had some cute pink wrappers, and she requested that there be a "standing up" heart on each cupcake- those are done in white chocolate and brushed with some shimmer dust.

Two dozen very pink cupcakes for her class, with standing hearts and some mini heart sprinkles.

Macy was specific with her cake order too, "pink on the inside, pink on the outside, heart shaped, with purple roses." That makes my life easy, no guess work.
Strawberry cake, pink cream cheese icing, and MMF roses- done!