Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sunflower Cake

Yellow Cake, Cream Cheese Icing, MMF Petals, M&M Ladybugs: Sunflower Cake!

I love how this cake turned out, it is pretty high on my list for favorite cakes. It's silly but I also love the "woody" texture of the 'stem', that was a whim decision, very happy with it.

This is going to be my new business card image. Cropped a little, but get ready for it to show up! :)

Created the petals with two different sized cutters, added the lines and hand shaped the curve. Piped the center with a star tip.

There were about 7 little ladybugs crawling on this cake, painted M&Ms with food coloring for these cuties.

I was told that the birthday girl LOVED the cake, she wouldn't let anyone else cut it because she found a way to cut between the petals to keep the cake intact as long as possible.
Can't beat feedback like that!

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  1. Oh, my gosh!!! These are two of my favorite things combined... Ladybugs and sunflowers! Turned out great. So pretty.