Monday, March 25, 2013

Cinderella Cupcakes

Can you guess which Disney Princess these cupcakes represent?

How about now? Blue dress, pearls, glass slippers... Cinderella!
The birthday girl was turning 3 years old, so a half dozen of the cupcakes displayed a rose and a "3"

Another shot of the teeny glass slipper
Also made a mini-cake for the birthday princess.

Complete with a fondant version of Cinderella's dress
Mini cake was Carrot (without pecans) with cream cheese icing

Color coded the cupcakes for a school party: the white icing cakes were carrot (no nuts),  blue icing cakes were yellow cake, and all the decorations were 100% edible! Yum!

Chocolate & Roses

Yellow cake, chocolate icing, and piped roses

The leaves definitely added to the roses.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Football Cake

My nephew loves football, and just because his birthday is not in football season- that doesn't stop him from celebrating his favorite sport on his birthday cake! However, he "goes for both" the major Florida college teams- University of Florida and Florida State, so he needed both represented on his cake.

Thank goodness for the football pan, that would be a hard shape to duplicate without one.

The Gator side

The Seminole side

Covered the cake with the "star" piping tip to give it a little texture.

Camo Cake- Realtree

Received an order for a not-so-girlie girl's birthday. She wanted the Browning symbol, Realtree Camo (not army camouflage), and likes light blue. Challenge Accepted.

The top of the cake looked a little empty, so I added a leaf and a single sugar rose to fill the negative space.
First time using the edible metallic spray from wilton, wanted to add some dimension without too many layers of fondant trees. Even though MMF fondant tastes better than store bought- I try not to get too much of it on a cake, it's not as good as cream cheese icing.

The Browning Symbol

I do like how the wood-grain turned out in the trees.

Friday, March 1, 2013

A Cake for Mrs. Ruby

Just before Valentine's day of 2013 our community lost a very well respected and loved member, she was an amazing lady- known for her kind spirit, her sense of humor, her generosity (especially with her time), and not least for her cake baking/decorating skills. Our church has an event Valentine's day where the men of the church bake cakes that are sold at live auction to raise funds, and every year Mrs. Ruby's son "made" a cake to donate...though suspiciously many of the years he wasn't even in the country- yet his submission came. That was always a red velvet cake, and always brought the highest price- we all knew who had really made it. This year she was not with us to donate her cake, so in tribute to her I made a cake to donate.

I thought it would be presumptuous to try and replicate Mrs. Ruby's Red Velvet cake, so I made Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing- and old fashioned favorite that I believed would do well.
Mrs. Ruby taught me how to pipe this design, it is called "Cornelli Lace", she even put some on my wedding cake because I love it so much. I think of her every time I utilize this decoration, and am proud to say I did it exactly the way she said it should be done- start in one place, don't touch the lines together, and end in only one place. :)

I think Mrs. Ruby would have smiled at how the cake turned out. And it didn't do too bad at the auction either, she would have been happy about that.

Valen-Dinos Day

When one of my favorite little customers was asked by his Mommy what he wanted to take to school to share for their Valentine's party, he said matter-of-factly "Hearts and Dinosaur Cookies." Haha, evidently they made an impression with him! :)

This year we have some friendly T-rex dinos instead of the stegosaurus.

3 dozen cookies for school, plus a couple to have at home beforehand.

Got some micro heart sprinkles, they were perfect for dinosaur scale decorations.

On just one cookie I added heart shaped teeth, for Rhett. :)

A Sneaky Announcement

This is my 100th post to the cake blog, and I have saved that honor for a special announcement...My mother's birthday is 2/27, and this year my husband and I invited our immediate families over for a big birthday dinner. After dinner it was time for cake...
We presented this cake, with lit candles....

After the initial shock, my mother read the cake aloud to the rest of the family- the perfect announcement for all the Soon-To-Be Grandparents!

The initial shock from Mom...

A big realization from Ben's Mom!

Grins from soon-to-be Grandpa, Great-Granny (again), and Great-Grandpa!!!
One more silly thing, notice the colors and numbers on the lower border.... 3 months down (purple), 6 months to go (red).