Monday, March 5, 2012

Rockin Groom's Cake

The same friend that I made the "chocolate shoe" lingerie shower cake for, had a groom with a special request for his Groom's Cake.

Yep, KISS. I left the parts of the cake that would have been SO hard to cut out between the letters (or that would have left too flimsy a piece sticking out, like that second S)- and that maximized the amount of cake that could be eaten.

My favorite picture of the set, The Spaceman.
Can't wait to see the pro photos of my cake from the wedding, that will be a fun first for me.

The Demon (Gene Simmons), and The Catman.

The Starchild, and The Demon again (love the tongue)

Blended colors on the sides, I like how that turned out.
The Groom liked the cake, and that's all I could ask for! :)
Congratulations to the Byrds!

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