Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ahoy Matey!

A pirate party on the river? Yes please!

The party was for a 4 year old, so these are 'kiddie' pirates.
Modelling chocolate bandanas, and cream cheese icing faces/eye patches.

There were treasure maps as well, but I didn't get any pictures of those.
"Arrrr" til next time!

Bachelor Party Cake

Cake isn't the first thing that springs to mind when most people think "bachelor party"...
But for me, it seemed like a logical step
This cake was made as a challenge for myself, to then be sent to my fiance's bachelor party

Two sheetcakes and one globe cake make up this torso

This was a fun chance to try out Cornelli lace!
The bachelor himself added the belly button,
I wanted him to be able to say he helped!

This cake was a little top heavy, making it interesting to transport.
But it survived to make it to the party and they guys loved it!

Look Out!

...Here comes SpiderMan!

Received an order for SpiderMan cupcakes!

Specifications Given: Spiderman, cream cheese icing, vanilla cake.

Well, we know it has to be red and blue!

Modelling chocolate spidey heads, hand formed and "webbed"
with Royal Icing eyes.

Spiderman Logo makes an appearance...

In this picture I think they look like ants at a picnic. lol.

22 Spiderman Cupcakes!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Want a nerdy cake?
How about a motherboard cake?!

Green Velvet cake, green cream cheese icing.
Sugar wafer & Rolo components

I know the RAM slots...and the for the rest I'm lost.


Simple Can Be Elegant

Got an order for a plain cheesecake for 2, but I had a new decorating technique I wanted to try out...

Called "brush embroidery," this style starts with a piped line of icing, then gets feathered out with a clean dry paint brush. Sugar pearls add a little pop.

Simple technique, beautiful results.
Looks good enough to eat!

That *&%$ Rabbit!

Gardeners understand how hard it is to get rid of bunnies, especially in a carrot patch!

Carrot Cake, Cream Cheese Icing

Starburst & Twizzler Carrots

Poor bunny, he's all tuckered out!

Empty carrot holes and crumbs all around.

Sweet sleepy bunny...and yummy yummy cake

2 for 2

The novelty of twins makes for some fun cake opportunities...

Stephen and Stanton Monroe, 53

Stephen lays his hair down, wears a handlebar mustache, ropers, and single pocket shirts.

Stan wears his hair shorter (& prickly), a grand mustache, 2 pocket shirts, and pointy boots.

Yellow cake with chocolate cream cheese icing as the base, and red velvet twins with cream cheese icing.

Stan (my Dad) cutting into the head of his brother!

The carnage. It was pretty fun having them red on the inside!
Can't wait to try and top this next year!

Love! Rawr!

What kind of Valentine Cookies can a boy be proud to take to school?
Dinosaur Valentines of course!

Sugar cookie dinos and hearts, decorated with royal icing.

Decorated individually, no 2 cookies look the same.

Experiments with piping tips, styles and sparkles.

The icing was a bit too runny for words...

Hearts! *love*

Pretty in Pink

Birthday cakes for 5 year old girls are expected to be girly!
This was ordered as "pink on the inside, pink on the outside, Tinkerbell cake"

Shimmery modelling chocolate roses for the fairy garden.

Pink royal icing scroll-work on the cake, and white on the cakeboard.

Tinkerbell and friends figurines added the fairy element!

Piped on the lettering, then added sparkle!

Finished product!
Two layer strawberry cake and pink cream cheese icing.
Pink on the inside, pink on the outside, and Tinkerbell!

A Rose By Any Other Name...

Finally I discovered Modelling Chocolate!
Hadn't perfected my recipe yet at this point, but it was coming along.

A trio of chocolate roses! Proof that hard work pays off.

After creating the petals the edges have to be crimped a little to make them realistic.

The chocolate itself allows for color variations

After the roses dry they are ready to be used to decorate!

Red Velvet cake is even prettier with roses!

Papa's 80th Birthday Cake

My Grandfather turned 80 in 2010, we threw him a big shindig!

He has been a farmer all his life, they did cows....

(These of course are gumballs 'pretending' to be watermelons)

And even hogs back in the day!

Altogether he is one amazing man! A great farmer and family man! We love Papa!

He blew out the candles with help from his littlest granddaughters!

Phineas and Ferb

Stanton turned 11, Phineas and Ferb party!

Unfortunately the cake was put in the refrigerator and it caused the boys to sweat.
Learned that lesson, and the cake still tasted great!