Monday, May 6, 2013

Pink Baby Shower Cake & Cookies

Tiered yellow cake with pink buttercream, with mmf dots, bows, and lettering.
This order was for a BIG baby shower, I made 5 dozen cookies and a 3 tier cake.

Little pink onesie cookies, with an "A" for Addison.

Bottom Tier detail. Tiny bows went around the cake, with this sparkly name plate for Ms. Addison.

Middle tier detail. Cake was surrounded with multicolored dots.

Top tier detail. Onesie outline, I later added the baby's monogram, but forgot to snap a picture.
Top detail.

To complete the story- unfortunately this cake was delivered on a day when we were experiencing road work (on our mile long dirt driveway) and rain for several days in a row. All the jiggling and jostling did not allow the bottom tier to survive the mud bog that was necessary to leave my house. I was able to salvage the top 2 tiers without a problem, and the good news is that there was plenty of cake at the party- there were even leftovers! 
*Lesson Learned. Cakes taller than 2 tiers will be assembled on site when at all possible.

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