Friday, March 1, 2013

A Cake for Mrs. Ruby

Just before Valentine's day of 2013 our community lost a very well respected and loved member, she was an amazing lady- known for her kind spirit, her sense of humor, her generosity (especially with her time), and not least for her cake baking/decorating skills. Our church has an event Valentine's day where the men of the church bake cakes that are sold at live auction to raise funds, and every year Mrs. Ruby's son "made" a cake to donate...though suspiciously many of the years he wasn't even in the country- yet his submission came. That was always a red velvet cake, and always brought the highest price- we all knew who had really made it. This year she was not with us to donate her cake, so in tribute to her I made a cake to donate.

I thought it would be presumptuous to try and replicate Mrs. Ruby's Red Velvet cake, so I made Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing- and old fashioned favorite that I believed would do well.
Mrs. Ruby taught me how to pipe this design, it is called "Cornelli Lace", she even put some on my wedding cake because I love it so much. I think of her every time I utilize this decoration, and am proud to say I did it exactly the way she said it should be done- start in one place, don't touch the lines together, and end in only one place. :)

I think Mrs. Ruby would have smiled at how the cake turned out. And it didn't do too bad at the auction either, she would have been happy about that.

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