Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sweet As Pie

A friend of mine recently got engaged to a great girl~ her friend hosted a surprise engagement shower for them, unfortunately I was out of town, but I did get to send goodies!

This new cake plate was a wedding gift {shout out!}, and is perfect for photographs.

I decided that just one type of pie would be boring, I had cherries in the fridge, fresh blueberries, and I keep chocolate pudding available at all times...those would be my pies.
I didn't want it to be like a box of chocolates, I wanted people to know what they were getting when they picked up their pie of choice, so they had to look different.

Blueberry (from Granny's blueberry grove), thatched crust design

Cherry (I don't have a fresh cherry supplier, yet), full crust design

Chocolate, with cool whip top

Ended up making about 5 dozen mini pies

Well, it was cheesy, but it was the concept. Sweetie "Pie"

Since I wouldn't be at the party, didn't want to burden anyone with remembering which ones where what, I made a "key." It was pretty fun to bust out the crayons for that one!

All packed up and ready to party!

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