Monday, October 29, 2012

Spooky Halloween Cake

My little brother's Tae Kwon Do school has an annual Halloween Party & dessert contest, this was our 2012 entry.
Yellow Cake with Chocolate icing (tinted green for "spooky lawn" effect). Each pumpkin was hand rolled and 'grooved,' most by my brother, he did a great job! Some I turned into little Jack-o-Lanterns.

All components of the cake were 100% edible, even the tree and haunted house. The windows were painted with a glow-in-the-dark food coloring (couldn't make a picture of that effect turn out correctly though).

See that smiling pumpkin by the house? It's my brother's "Symbol"- I surprised him by adding it to the cake! He loved that.
 What's this?! Eggs hatching from under the tree with larvae running everywhere?! What can this mean?!


Here is the big creepy spider that has created all this mess! Yikes! Must be her babies hatching from under the tree! This cake was a hit from what I was told about the party, and won first prize at the TkD dessert contest! Yay!! Happy Halloween!

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