Monday, October 29, 2012

First Birthday Cake, Farm

A pink, farm, first birthday cake for Ms. Madison. Yellow Cake with cream cheese icing.

A mini-corn field with a little family of chickens enjoying some kernels.

A pond, with lily pads, cattails and a little duck family. (Yes, the girl & baby ducks' heads shouldn't be green, technically...but they are prettier this way...)
A little piggy in his favorite muddy wallow.
I knew if I kept making everything a family there wouldn't be room for them all on the cake, so I just had to make the single animals extra cute... :)
Sweet little moo-cow, I love how he turned out... Obviously too big for the pink barn...but hey, I never said it was to scale.

Overall I was SO happy with this cake, and got a fantastic review from Madison's Mommy. :) Pleased to say also that everything on this cake is 100% edible, even the corn stalks, cattails, and cow's legs- they just contain noodle supports.

Ms. Madison's Smash Cake, tried to keep the fondant to a minimum so she could eat as much of the cake as possible without fear of any "small parts". Hope her Mommy posts pictures of her getting into this one. :)

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