Monday, April 9, 2012

Wedding Cupcakes

My younger sister got married on Easter Sunday, and I couldn't let the opportunity go by to make her some adorable treats to celebrate.

One guess what this is? (A topper, but not a top hat)

I made an assortment of mini cupcakes (1/3 of a regular cupcake) with teeny wedding cake toppers!

Not everyone enjoys fondant (even the Marshmallow variety) so I left plenty with just a swirl of icing.

This is my favorite one, I love the trend of wedding cakes with just one BIG flower as the decor.

Sometimes the big focal flower is the topper for the wedding cake.

Added another splash of color here, navy blue trimmed tiers with yellow "ribbon roses."

Sparkly yellow brooches were made as some of the toppers.

Lighter yellow trimmed tiers with teensy hearts topper.

The bride loves yellow, and her husband is in the navy- so I stuck with a white/yellow/navy blue palette. (Well, and a touch of pink)

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Seay!

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  1. awww those cupcakes are sooo cute!
    I love them!